Drawing in Oil Pastels


While I am out in enjoying the wonders of the natural world I like to collect natural objects. I have various collections consisting mainly of shells, pebbles, pine cones and leaves. It has become an important part of my process.

Since I was a child I have always liked collecting things particularly natural objects. Collecting as an adult feels somewhat nostalgic I guess. As children my sister and I used to go to the beach with our grandparents and collect pebbles and shells. They had a stone polisher which I remember took hours to polish the pebbles but they would look so nice when they were done. We would also go on a lot of walks in the countryside with our parents often collecting natural objects which we would then make a collage from. Which brings me to collage and arranging objects.


Collage and arranging natural objects has become a large part of my process. I find it relaxing and someone therapeutic. I predominantly create my collages in photoshop or similar. The collages are created using patterned paper I have painted or drawn on using various mediums including gouache, acrylic paint and chalk pastels.

Winter on the Fens, Norfolk

Winter Sun – Acrylic and Ink

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